New issue 360° logistic magazine: human resources, green energy, lean design & more !

Advice on attracting talent, choosing the right green energy for transport plus a unique turn-key solution for packaging.

On July 15, 2019

Advice on attracting talent, choosing the right green energy for transport plus a unique turn-key solution for packaging – get it all in 360° Logistic Issue #8!

Human resources is key to customer satisfaction, and now more than ever it is becoming a top priority for logistics leaders. In the latest edition of 360° Logistic, find out how tomorrow’s supply chain relies on attracting talent, strengthening skills and rethinking operational procedures to make human resources a strategic axis for success.

Human resources: appealing to young job seekers

Plus get advice from experts on how to appeal to young job seekers by showcasing the many interesting career opportunities the industry has to offer. Then get insight on professions of the future and how digital solutions can help employees be more productive, followed by a case study on how Ikea India’s “People and Planet Positive” strategy promotes good working conditions for all staff.

human ressources

Road transport: latest innovations in green energy

Next discover how the road transport sector – which generates nearly 7% of world CO2 emissions – is using new technologies to fight global warming and pollution. Learn about the advantages, costs, and latest innovations in green energy (electric, hydrogen, LNG, CNG, etc.), including solutions for sustainable urban logistics from FM Logistic’s City Login that help save 15% on fuel costs and reduce emissions.

Also in this edition, explore how Hasbro Europe’s new distribution center in Central Europe is using custom solutions from FM Logistic to better meet customer demand, grow services and increase operational excellence.

Lean design: a unique turn-key solution for packaging
For ideas on lean design and co-packaging, this issue showcases a unique turn-key solution where design, sourcing and execution are managed by a single team. In a record 8-weeks, go from creative concept to production to cut costs and promote rapid market entry.

And don’t miss how India’s “dabbawalas” have been delivering lunches for 126 years with an incredible rate of accuracy: only 1 error in every 6 million deliveries!

All this and more exciting industry updates are available in 360° Logistic Issue #8 now!

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